The idea behind Sabrosa’s finishing salts is quite simple – to finish any dish with increased intensity of flavor and to add a unique texture.

When used properly, a good finishing salt is the unifying element that marries our food and condiments in the dishes we prepare.

All of Sabrosa’s seasoned salts use artisan sel gris or grey salt which is rich in trace minerals and thereby lower in sodium content. The salt used by Sabrosa is not a mass produced salt but one that is harvested using centuries old Celtic methods. Seawater is circulated through hand dug ponds and then solar evaporated by the sun and wind until crystals form.

Harvesting Salt

From June to September the paludier (salt harvester) gently pushes and pulls a wooden rake across the clay pond to harvest the salt from the bottom.

Careful precision is used so as not to disturb the clay bottom, or worse yet, gouge it, thereby dirtying the salt.

Salt is essential to life and has been highly regarded In some cultures.

Since ancient times, salt was used as an offering to the gods while others used it as a form of currency – Roman soldiers were given an allowance in salt known as “salarium”, thus the word salary.

China used salt tax revenues to finance the building of the Great Wall.

In Medieval times, your status in society could be determined by where you sat at the banquet table relative to the salt cellar – ahead of the salt for the aristocrats and gentry and behind the salt for the commoners.

Cooks throughout history have used salt in various manners. Once used primarily to brine, cure or dry foods, today’s cooks appreciate a good finishing salt and its flavor boosting abilities. Just like wines and olive oils, no two salts are alike.

How and where the salt is harvested determines its unique qualities of taste and texture. Once you discover a good finishing salt you will embrace it and abandon bland salty iodized table salt forever

We invite you to sample our line of finishing salts designed to be used with “everyday” foods such as eggs, chicken, steak, potatoes, fish, pork and salad. You don’t have to be a gourmet cook to properly use a finishing salt. Once you start using a finishing salt, people will take notice and wonder how you made the food so flavorful. In our families, we call it our “secret ingredient”.

 So, take a pinch of Sabrosa Salt and

Make the Everyday Gourmet!®


How To Use Sabrosa Salts: Use slightly less salt during the preparation of a dish then finish by sprinkling a pinch of Sabrosa Salt on top of the food before serving to heighten the flavor.

Sabrosa finishing salts can be used to replace iodized table salt, kosher salt and mass produced sea salt.