1. Celtic salt: Hand-harvested from the Celtic Sea and solar-dried using an ancient Celtic method. Mellow, sweet-salty taste favored by gourmet chefs. This is also a natural-salt choice.
  2. Fleur de sel: Specialty salt made from crystals that form atop salt marshes. Delicate (and expensive); use sparingly to add a finishing touch to fine foods.
  3. Kosher salt: Coarse-grain and additive-free; otherwise the same, nutritionally, as other natural salts. Often preferred by chefs for its easy-to-pinch texture and authentic flavor.
  4. Sea salt: Made from evaporated sea water; lauded by cooks for its slightly grainier texture and purity. Buy unrefined sea salt, which is additive-free.
  5. Table salt: Refined and stripped of trace minerals; treated with anticaking agents and often iodine. Useful when precise measurements are needed.